Imagine competing against some of the best high school athletes in the country. Imagine incorporating an ocean swim or a mountain run into your training routine—year round. Imagine playing a new sport—or maybe any sport—for the first time and finding out you’re good at it. Imagine heading from the fields to the dining hall with teammates, sweaty and laughing. Imagine becoming a team leader—someone whom younger players look to for advice and whom coaches trust to help them out on the field. That’s the Cate athletic experience.

Cate fields 22 varsity athletic teams, and our quality of play is so high—seven titles and championships in 2011-2012, eight in 2012-2013—that we’re entering the more competitive Tri-County Athletic Association in 2014. There are junior varsity and even 3rds teams for many sports, allowing less experienced players to try new sports without the pressure of intense competition. Cate also offers intramural options like dancing and surfing, so no matter what your interests or current level of play, you'll find opportunities to have fun and improve your skills.

If you’re already a seasoned athlete, Cate’s coaches will help you reach your performance goals. If you’re trying team sports for the very first time, they’ll be patient teachers, eager to share their love of the game. And Cate’s athletic requirement ensures that every student-athlete at every level is always trying—and learning—something new.