The essence of Cate, enjoyed weekly.

Servons Speaker Series

Every Thursday morning, instead of meeting in the theater for assembly, you gather with the entire community in the Katharine Thayer Cate Memorial Chapel to hear a personal presentation from a faculty member or classmate, often a senior. Many younger students find inspiration and insight from their older peers. The talks are for sharing stories and reflection, always followed by cookies and milk.

Ajibola Bodunrin ‘16

Peter Marcus ‘16

Isabel Moss & Cordelia Pryor ‘16

Elan Halpern & Hannah Bowlin ‘16

Max Vasquez ‘16

Alex Brown ‘16

Jack Tarlton ‘16

Lydia McMahon ‘16

Jason Pak ‘16

Michael Nettesheim ‘16

Dean Smith ‘16 and Keller Mochel ‘16

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