Inclusion at Cate

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Inclusion at Cate

At Cate, we often talk about the deep sense of community that attends the “spirit of this place.

While the “spirit” manifests in many ways, it is rooted in the full recognition of the dignity of each person.

Accordingly, the realization of Cate’s mission relies upon a community-wide, skills-based framework that acknowledges the centrality of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) competency to teaching, professionalism and collaboration, and, for students, meaningful interpersonal connections and post-secondary success.

Cate’s DEI efforts were restructured in the fall of 2018 in order to increase the capacity, depth, and breadth of diversity, equity, and inclusion work at Cate.

Strategic Plan for Inclusion

The Strategic Plan for Inclusion is the product of a data-informed planning process, which used a number of survey data collected over the past three years to identify our greatest areas of growth and ensure our strategies are prioritized accordingly.

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Inclusion at Cate

The data from these assessments have allowed us to thoughtfully redesign the structures through which Inclusion work occurs at Cate.