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International Applicants

Cate welcomes international students.

International and domestic applicants are considered in the same pool and held to the same standards. Because we don’t offer English as a Second Language, we expect all applicants to be fluent in English. Seventeen percent of the current student body are international students hailing from 18 different countries. We consider an international student to be one whose home mailing address is outside the United States. Currently, ten percent of our student body are F-1 Visa holders.

English Proficiency Testing

Cate School requires that all non-native English speakers take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International Language Testing System (IELTS) in order to demonstrate proficiency in oral and written English, even if you have been studying in an English speaking country for the last few years. Admitted students typically score above 100 (out of 120 TOEFL) and 7 (out of 9 IELTS).

TOEFL: Visit TOEFL or call (877) 863-3546 or (609) 951-1100. Cate School code: 8529

IELTS: Visit IELTS USA or call (323) 255-2771.


International Student Application Process

All applicants to Cate School, domestic or international, go through the same admission process.

Learn more about how to apply to Cate.

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Financial Assistance for International Applicants

We welcome applications for financial assistance from all families who apply to Cate, including international families. It is important to note that we offer need-based financial assistance and not scholarships, and there is limited funding available.

Although the steps to applying for financial assistance are the same for both domestic and international families, the difference is in the required documents.

Upload required documents in the “Manage Documents” section of SSS. Required documentation for International Families includes:

  • In lieu of a copy of your 2020 tax return (IRS Form 1040)

If you are a family living and working abroad who does not file United States taxes we need verification of income in lieu of a US tax return. Examples of acceptable documents are your residing country’s tax returns, an authorized letter from an employer, or an end-of-year pay stub.

  • A copy of all 2021 W2 Forms does not apply to families living and working abroad. When completing your SSS profile, please click “N/A” in this document checklist item.
  • Cate School FA Request Form is required for all domestic and international applicants.
  • International Student Financial Aid Profile
    In addition to the SSS application, all international applicants must also complete and upload this worksheet. You can find the document here or directly on the SSS website.

Learn more about Cate School’s Financial Assistance program and how to apply.

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