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International Applicants

Cate welcomes the valuable perspective international students bring to our community and encourages students worldwide to apply for admission.

International and domestic applicants are considered in the same pool and held to the same standards.

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International Students
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Please fill out the Inquiry Form to set up your Admission Portal account.

Our visit program is designed for prospective students and their families. You will experience a student-led tour, attend an all-school assembly, and have a chance to chat casually with faculty and tour guides. Visiting students will even have an opportunity to attend a class. The day ends with an interview with an admission committee member. Please expect to spend 3 hours on campus.

Our campus visits are reserved for prospective candidates for the 2024-25 academic year. We offer campus visits when school is in session.

  • Monday (mornings)
  • Wednesday (mornings)
  • Thursday (mornings)
  • Friday (mornings)
  • Saturday, November 16, 2024
  • Saturday, January 11, 2025

Application Requirements

To schedule your campus visit, please contact the Admission Office at 805-684-4127 ext. 217,

Virtual interviews are reserved for students outside California.

To schedule a virtual interview, we require the following:

  • Complete Gateway to Prep Candidate Profile
  • Application Fee Paid
  • TOEFL or Duolingo (International Students). To qualify for a virtual interview, we require a minimum TOEFL score of 110, an IELTS score of 7.5, and a Duolingo score of 140.

In lieu of an interview, Cate School welcomes applicants to submit a personal video. Sharing a personal video is a helpful way to show us what makes you unique and why you are interested in attending Cate School.

Personal Video Submission Requirements:

  • Shoot from a close-up and show your face clearly.
  • Create a .mp4 video that does not exceed 3.5 minutes and is no shorter than 2 minutes.
  • State your name.
  • Where are you from?
  • What is your current grade?
  • What is your application status (boarding/day)?
  • Why are you applying to Cate School, and how will you contribute to our community?
  • Email Admission at, attaching your video.
  • Email Subject Line: Personal Video Submission_FirstName_LastName

Please contact us at or (805) 684-4127 ext. 217 if you have any questions.

To begin the application process, you must complete the Admission Inquiry Form to create your Cate Admission Portal account.

Cate School accepts the Gateway to Prep Schools Application.

Application requirements:

    • Candidate Profile
    • Short Responses, Essays, Parent Statement
    • Interview (In-person or virtual) or Personal Video Submission
    • Principal/Counselor Recommendation
    • Current English Teacher Recommendation
    • Current Math Teacher Recommendation
    • Standardized Testing (SSAT or ISEE)
    • Transcript Report (current and previous year grades)
    • Special Interest Recommendation (optional)
    • Language Testing Required for International Applicants (TOEFL, DuoLingo, IELTS)

We are not accepting a graded writing sample.

Standardized testing is required for all applicants. We accept the SSAT and ISEE. All tests must be taken within one year of the application deadline.

Please be sure to request, at the time the test is taken, that the test results be sent directly to Cate School. Required testing must be completed and submitted to the admission office by January 15.

SSAT: Visit SSAT or call (609) 683-4440. The Cate School code: 2170
TOEFL: Visit TOEFL or call (877) 863-3546 or (609) 951-1100. The Cate School code: 8529
IELTS: Visit IELTS USA or call (323) 255-2771.

All international applicants must demonstrate proficiency in oral and written English. If the applicant has attended an international or junior boarding school in the United States for two consecutive years or more, this test will be waived. We require a minimum TOEFL score of 110, an IELTS score of 7.5, and a Duolingo score of 140.

TOEFL: Visit TOEFL or call (877) 863-3546 or (609) 951-1100. Cate School code: 8529

IELTS: Visit IELTS USA or call (323) 255-2771.


Cate School considers any form of intellectual and academic dishonesty a serious breach of community standards. Our admission process is aligned with our Academic Honor Code. We want to see student work written exclusively by the student to understand their voice, personality, and passions best. Further, an applicant’s use of artificial intelligence is not permitted under any circumstances. All essays, short answer questions, and any other material submitted by an applicant must be the work of the individual, unassisted by programs such as ChatGPT and GrammarlyGo.

We welcome applications for financial assistance from all families who apply to Cate, including international families. It is important to note that we offer need-based financial assistance, not scholarships, and limited funding is available.

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