Take your voice to new heights.

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Chorale / Camerata

Not everyone can play a musical instrument, but everyone has a voice. And when that voice is raised in song – particularly in a choral setting – it can be magic.

Students at Cate love to sing, especially together. Our Chorale is an “ all comers group” so you can join even if you have never sung in a choir or set eyes on a musical score. You’ll learn to do both, guided by our enthusiastic and experienced choral director, and with the encouragement of the beautiful voices around you. Your vocal abilities will deepen, even if you didn’t know you had them.

Whether you’re an experienced first soprano or a timid tenor, you’ll learn to blend with your fellow singers during rehearsals and performances beneath the lofty ceiling of the Katharine Thayer Cate Memorial Chapel. Prepare to challenge yourself with a varied repertoire of classical, modern, and world music.

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