Packed days feel shorter by the ocean.

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Campus and Facilities

Start with the fact that you’re at a California boarding school with mountains behind you and a view of the ocean, maybe right from your dormitory balcony.

Classrooms, dormitories, athletic facilities, a dining hall, and the library are just a few of your daily destinations. Swimmers make use of a competition pool, soccer players make their way to one of several fields, and volleyball and basketball players spend hours in a wide-open gymnasium.

Study in the library or in your dorm room, or visit with a faculty member in their nearby home for homework help. Meals taste better from a table with an ocean view, and after studying there’s time to relax in the community center.

Art-makers head to the Art Loft or Ceramics Barn not only for classes, but to work on projects during downtime. The theater and practice rooms host musicians and thespians alike. Musicians practice in the chapel next to stunning stained glass windows and simple wooden pews.

Anyone can stop into the Johnson Library, where Cate’s founder used to read aloud to students every night, and feel transported back in time.

All around you is Cate’s understated Monterey Colonial architecture and village-like campus, allowing you to appreciate the magnificent setting day and night.

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Sheer visual beauty is part of your day as you walk between attractive buildings and across broad green expanses to your next class.