Winter 2018 - 2019

Boys Basketball

At Cate School we aim to teach, develop, organize, manage and offer youth players the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of basketball while instilling life-lessons and values such as character, teamwork, discipline, respect and sportsmanship. This is accomplished by striving to have open communication with Coach(es) and teammates and be able to resolve any situation (on the court or off) through positive conversation. All student-athletes will be treated with respect and dignity.

Basketball players at Cate School must recognize the competitive and public nature of their sport.  With this competition and visibility comes a responsibility to classmates, teammates, coaches, parents, local community, and all faculty and staff at Cate School.

As a team, we will encourage and build a positive environment in which the needs of the team exceed those of the individual striving to cultivate academic, emotional, physical, and social development.

Andrew Gil
Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach

Andy was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from UC Berkeley in 2010. He then earned his master’s in educational counseling from Azusa Pacific University in 2012.
Andy has played basketball all his life. In high school, he was captain of the basketball team and named first-team all-league. Andy was the assistant coach of boys varsity basketball at Santa Barbara High School from 2010-2015. In 2015 he became Cate’s Head Basketball Coach. While not at Cate Andy is an academic counselor at Santa Barbara City College.
Andy believes that a coach should encourage and build a positive environment “in which the needs of the team exceed those of the individual.”

Joseph Cordero
Assistant Boys Varsity Basketball Coach

Joseph started his coaching career as a youth coach in the Santa Barbara area and made is way to the Mesa to work with the Rams in 2017. A native to the area, Joseph played his high school hoops at both Dos Pueblos and Cabrillo High Schools. Joseph serves as a Student Program Advisor at Santa Barbara City College and his love for students and education is evident when he is on the bench helping lead the Rams.


Jay Dorion
Head Boys JV Basketball Coach


Patrick Collins
Assistant Boys JV Basketball Coach

CIF Finalist 1996

2017-2018 Records

6-4 Frontier League, 7-6 Overall, CIFss 1st Round

2017-2018 All League Members

Marko Pliso ’18

Patrick Armstrong ’18

Day Date Opponent Location Time Results
Fri30-NovDunn SchoolHome4:00 PM(W) 54 - 43
Tue4-DecCarpinteria High SchoolHome4:00 PM(W) 70 - 20
Wed12-DecGrace Brethren High SchoolHome4:30 PM(W) 55 - 26
Fri14-DecBishop Diego High SchoolHome4:00 PM(W) 60 - 19
Fri11-JanThacher SchoolAway5:00 PM(L) 24 - 51
Sat12-JanBishop Diego High SchoolHome3:30 PM(L) 37 - 63
Wed16-JanGrace Brethren High SchoolAway5:30 PM(W) 48 - 23
Fri18-JanVillanova PreparatoryHome4:30 PM(W) 54 - 35
Wed30-JanThacher SchoolHome4:30 PM
Fri1-FebVillanova PreparatoryAway5:30 PM
Day Date Opponent Location Time Results
Valley Christian School
Home5:30 PM
Thu15-NovGarden Street AcademyHome5:30 PM(W) 71 - 34
Fri30-NovPilibos SchoolAway5:30 PM(L) 36 - 54
Tue4-DecCarpinteria High SchoolHome5:30 PM(W) 40 - 37
Thu6-DecOjai Valley ClassicAway4:30 PM(W) 52 - 46
Fri7-DecOjai Valley ClassicAway7:30 PM(W) 62 - 52
Sat8-DecOjai Valley ClassicAway3:30 AM(W) 48 - 47
Wed12-DecGrace Brethren High SchoolHome6:00 PM(W) 72 - 52
Wed19-DecLaguna Blanca SchoolHome4:30 PM(W) 64 - 37
Fri11-JanThacher SchoolAway6:30 PM(L) 32 - 59
Wed16-JanGrace Brethren High SchoolAway7:00 PM
Fri18-JanVillanova PreparatoryHome6:00 PM(W) 63 - 46
Wed23-JanLaguna Blanca SchoolAway5:00 PM
Sat26-JanHueneme High SchoolHome1:30 PM
Wed30-JanThacher SchoolHome6:00 PM
Fri1-FebVillanova PreparatoryAway7:00 PM

Meet The Rams

Simon Burke ’20

Ethan Cassulo ’19

Nkemka Chukwumerije ’21

Scott Holmes ’20

Parker May ’20

Jacob Nelson ’19

Thomas Nettesheim ’20

Ethan Ng ’20

Mason Oetgen ’22

Khadim Pouye ’20

Sebastian Richardson ’19

John Shelburne ’20

Tega Umukoro ’21

Carson Williams ’19

Meet The Rams

Michael Armstrong ’21

Jasper Bennett ’21

Adrian Binns ’21

John Endres ’22

Ethan Ha ’20

Matthew Holmes ’22

Carlo Jacobson ’20

Alex Kim ’20

Ethan Ligon ’22

Jack Ludviksen ’22

Gabriel Madan ’22

James Marin ’21

Jackson Molin ’22

A.J. Oke ’21

Daniel Panadero ’21

Tyler Tom ’22