Girls Lacrosse

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This spring marks the 25th season for girls lacrosse at Cate.

One of the top athletic programs at the School, girls lacrosse boasts six US Lacrosse All-Americans and another ten US Lacrosse Academic All-Americans since 2000. The student-athletes of the girls lacrosse program set a high standard for exemplary performance on and off the field.

After several decades of Condor League success, the team moved to the new Santa Barbara Lacrosse League formed in conjunction with the Santa Barbara public schools and Thacher.

2017 marked the inaugural season for the new league, where the Rams will look forward to continued success.

US Lacrosse All-Americans since 2000:

  • 2017 Katherine Grossman (Academic)
  • 2015 Anna Graves (Academic)
  • 2015 Samantha Hill (Academic)
  • 2015 Jessica Liou (Academic)
  • 2015 Victoria Herman (Academic)
  • 2015 Maddie Becker (Academic)
  • 2012 Annie Weiss (Academic)
  • 2012 Emily Nguyen (Academic)
  • 2012 Lisa Huang (Academic)
  • 2012 Alexis Hill (Academic)
  • 2012 Taylor Erling (Academic)
  • 2012 Alexis Hill (Second Team)
  • 2013 Alexis Hill (Second Team)
  • 2009 Tori Thompson
  • 2009 Cascade Zak
  • 2008 Cascade Zak
  • 2008 Lily Nguyen
  • 2007 Lily Nguyen
  • 2007 Caroline Barth
  • 2005 Morgan Dyson


Renee Mack
Varsity Head Coach

Varsity Assistant Coach

Junior Varsity Head Coach



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Junior Varsity

Day Date Opponent Location Time Results
Thu1-Jan12:00 AM