Winter 2018 - 2019

Girls Soccer

The Cate girls soccer program strives to cultivate and develop fundamental skills in a supportive team-based environment. Our team success is a by-product of hard work, consistency, and self-discipline. We aim to instill a life-long passion for the beautiful game through daily preparation, training. and competition while helping young people apply the lessons learned to life off of the pitch and in the classroom as well.


Taylor Wyatt
Head Girls Varsity Soccer Coach


David Wood
Assistant Girls Varsity Soccer Coach

Peter Aguilar
Head Girls JV Soccer Coach


Lisa Holmes
Assistant Girls JV Soccer Coach

2017-2018 Records:

5-4-4 Frontier League, 5-4-4 overall

2017-2018 All League Members:

Isabela Montes de Oca ’18

Neema Mugofwah ’20 

Day Date Opponent Location Time Results
Fri30-NovSan Marcos High SchoolAway3:15 PM
Wed5-DecCarpinteria High SchoolAway3:30 PM(L) 0 - 2
Tue11-DecThacher SchoolHome3:15 PM(W) 1 - 0
Wed19-DecSanta Barbara High SchoolHome3:30 PM(L) 0 - 2
Fri11-JanSanta Clara High SchoolAway3:30 PM(W) 1 - 0
St. Bonaventure High School
Home3:15 PM 0 - 0
Fri18-JanSan Marcos High SchoolAway3:30 PM 0 - 0
Thu24-JanThacher SchoolAway3:15 PM
Sat26-JanSt. Bonaventure High SchoolAway2:00 PM
Tue29-JanSanta Clara High SchoolHome3:30 PM
Day Date Opponent Location Time Results
Grace Brethren High School (Scrimmage)
Away3:15 PM
Wed28-NovVillanova PreparatoryHome3:15 PM(W) 3 - 0
Fri30-NovSage Hill SchoolHome3:15 PM(L) 0 - 2
Wed5-DecCarpinteria High SchoolAway5:00 PM(T) 0 - 0
St. Bonaventure High School
Away3:00 PM
Tue11-DecThacher SchoolHome3:15 PM(W) 2 - 0
Thu13-DecDunn SchoolHome3:15 PM(L) 0 - 2
Tue18-DecLaguna Blanca SchoolHome3:15 PM(W) 3 - 0
Fri11-JanSanta Clara High SchoolAway2:00 PM(W) 1 - 0
Bishop Diego High School
Home3:15 PM 0 - 0
Villanova Preparatory
Away3:00 PM 0 - 0
Fri18-JanVillanova PreparatoryAway3:00 PM(W) 9 - 0
Tue22-JanLaguna Blanca SchoolAway3:00 PM
Thu24-JanSanta Clara High SchoolHome3:15 PM
Sat26-JanBishop Diego High SchoolHome1:30 PM
Wed30-JanBishop Diego High SchoolAway3:15 PM

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