Not all questions have answers.

Culture of Inquiry

At Cate, we want you to play an active role in your education. A strong mentoring and peer-to-peer system allows you to boldly take charge of increasingly challenging academics. We look out for each other, and that close-knit connection thrives between freshman and seniors, juniors and teachers, and everyone in between. Study time is rigorous and collaborative — an approach infused with the West Coast spirit that has yielded happy, healthy, college-bound graduates for over a century.

We are a purposefully small school, which brings our community closer together and allows class time to be more focused. You are at the heart of Cate’s culture of inquiry, and every year the entire school seeks answers that help broaden and inform the significance of the curriculum. You will be encouraged to make close observations, ask insightful questions and cross disciplines in pursuit of solutions. You will think critically and engage in group problem solving, embarking on a journey of discovery while strengthening your communication skills.

If you’re ready to take charge of your learning atop a beautiful mesa overlooking the ocean — far enough from your old middle school, but accessible enough for your parents to be active in your life — this may be your gateway to the best day of school.