A Letter from the Director of Admission

In the spring of 2007, I visited Cate School for the first time, and I understood very quickly what a special place this is for adolescents to learn, live and grow. I was taken by the warm and generous people, the love of learning evident in each class, the rich curriculum, and the beautiful setting in which it all takes place. All these years later, I am thrilled to be working and living on the Mesa and to be here to help you learn more about this wonderful school.

As you engage in your search for a high school, there is much to consider in finding the right fit. The gift of this process is that you will learn more about who you are as a learner, an artist, an athlete and a community member, and all of this will help inform which schools make the most sense for you.

This admission season will no doubt prove to be a unique one as much of your search and engagement with schools will be virtual due to Covid-19. Can you find the right fit virtually? We believe you can and we expect you will have even more opportunities to engage us and our community than you would in previous years. In addition to virtual visits, we will host a wide range of Q&As with students and faculty as well as with our headmaster. We are also creating a virtual visit webpage, the content of which we will update regularly. By the time you submit your application in January, we expect you will have a very strong sense of Cate School!

What are we looking for in prospective students? Each year, our Admission Team goes in search of independent, inclusive, curious, adventurous students who will take advantage of our inquiry-based curriculum and picturesque, peaceful campus.

I, along with the entire Admission Team, look forward to meeting you and getting to know you during this important time in your life, and we wish you well as you search for the right fit high school.

Lisa Spengler
Director of Admission