Live among your mentors.

Keep Scrolling

The most notable part of boarding school is living where you learn, and learning where you live.

Each dorm at Cate has its own history, culture, and spirit, which is why you’ll often hear dorm-mates cheering loudly for their home away from home when it’s mentioned in assembly.

For advice, counsel, and fun activities, students can turn to prefects, who make up the senior leaders of the dorm. Also nearby are the faculty “dorm parents” who oversee all the residents.

98% of our faculty live on campus – either in apartments attached to the dormitories or houses around the grounds.

That means you can get help with your homework, some moral support, bake cookies, or watch your hometown team play an important game with your Cate family – they’re always close by.

Cate faculty and staff enjoy many benefits in a beautiful work location. Access to the dining hall, athletic and recreation facilities, an on-site daycare center, and friends and neighbors you know well are just a few of the advantages of living and working on the Mesa.