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Let your imagination soar with hands-on creativity, whether you dream of painting on canvas, plucking strings in Jazz Band or starring in a theatrical production.

The arts are a core part of the curriculum and a great opportunity to apply problem solving in new ways during your time at Cate. Try your hand at poetry, pottery and the piano, and you may discover you have untapped aptitudes waiting to be explored.

The Cate Arts Program knows that your skills and activities of perception, creation, and expression have fundamental impact on you and your community. The arts are important at Cate and they will provide you a continual source of excitement and creativity. Cate’s arts teachers are enthusiastic about sharing their experience as artists, musicians, and performers with you.

As a freshman you typically start with a course called Foundation Arts, which gives you exposure to project-based learning in both visual and performing arts. You can then choose from a wide array of elective courses. You can also take advantage of a variety of theater, dance, and musical opportunities.

Groups have impromptu and scheduled performances to the delight of the entire community and students often make trips to shows and museums in LA and Santa Barbara.


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Let your imagination soar for a continual source of excitement and creativity.