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Academic Advising & Support

Cate provides a challenging college preparatory curriculum that, while exciting and demanding, may occasionally require additional support for even the most well-prepared and independent students. Recognizing that an appropriate amount of challenge fosters learning and growth, we provide temporary, scaffolded support to help students achieve their academic goals.

Support Options

Should a student require support, their first step is to speak with their advisor. Advisors assist students in identifying strategies or accessing other support resources such as teacher office hours, Peer Tutoring/Learning Labs, or Supervised Study Hall.

All teachers hold weekly office hours, where students are encouraged to clarify concepts, refine skills, or discuss any questions about upcoming assignments.

Our student-proctored learning labs offer assistance from trained peer tutors in various disciplines, including writing, math, science, and modern languages. Learning Labs are available in the evening on designated days.

During evening study hours, a faculty proctor provides a structured, quiet work environment to help students cultivate productive work habits and promote academic success. 

The mission of CASS is to assist students in achieving their full academic potential while serving as a resource for parents and faculty. CASS is meant to complement, not substitute, the support students receive from their teachers and advisors. Led by Director of Academic Support Services, Christina Weir, CASS provides temporary sessions targeting specific strategies for enhancing executive functioning, approaches to learning, and reading, writing, and study skills.

At Cate, we recognize and value neurodivergent students as part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Families are encouraged to openly share relevant information during the Admission process to ensure that the provided accommodations align with the student’s needs for success.

For further information regarding accommodations at Cate and standardized testing boards, click here.