Think critically, reason creatively.

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Overview (Grade Level Themes)

From day one, you will be on the path to becoming an articulate, independent thinker.

Your days at Cate will be packed full of enriching moments — from the time you hit the dining hall for breakfast to the designated study hours and evening events. Full days help you get the most out of your high school experience and encourages you to structure your social time.

In freshman and sophomore year, you will build and reinforce fundamental skills, taking courses in English, history, humanities, art, math, science, foreign language and human development. Then you get to choose from more than 35 elective courses to explore your personal interests and pursue greater mastery of a subject. Advanced courses are also available to you, offering well-rounded and thoughtful ways to go deeper into a subject of interest. We feel these are more fruitful and effective than default Advanced Placement courses.

Grade Level Themes:

  • 9th grade is the year of Orientation and Organization
  • 10th grade is the year of Awareness and Responsibility
  • 11th grade is the year of Connections and Purpose
  • 12th grade is the year of Mastery, Self-Determination, and Leadership

Cate Education Principles include knowledge, curiosity, compassion, determination, and communication.