Cate cross country is a program rooted in a deep history of distance running and success. Both teams are perennial qualifiers for CIF competition and they compete in the Tri-Valley League, one of the best leagues in California and home to both state and national champion runners. The Mesa Course is one of the most well-known running loops in the area which includes the infamous Heartbreak Hill climb in the middle of the route. Whether a beginner or a highly seasoned runner, the coaching staff works to inspire a life-long love of running, developing each individual into competitive distance runners who can appreciate and improve their own personal achievements.


Karl Weis

Head Coach

Karl has been coaching cross country at Cate for 30 years. He has coached numerous CIF Souther Section qualifying teams for both boys and girls. At the individual level, Cate runners have captured league championships, all league recognition, and high finishes in state meets. A number of former Cate cross country runners have also gone on to considerable success at the collegiate level in both Division 1 and Division 3. Karl ran cross country and track in high school and college, and remains active in triathlons.


Tim Smith

Assistant Coach

Tim Smith has running in his blood:  his dad captained track teams at Lawrenceville and Stanford. But after losing a sprint race in 3rd grade and being lapped in the mile in 7th grade, Coach Smith steered clear of competitive running for many years.  At age 40 he began competitive road racing, running a PR at the Boston marathon in 2010 (2:43) and at the State Street Mile (4:30). In 2013, Coach Smith began coaching under Head Coach Karl Weis. Given Coach Smith’s personal history with running, his goal is for everyone to reach their potential.  From personal experience, he knows that hard work over a sustained period of time can yield significant results. That said, there is a place in Cate Cross Country for the developing runner who uses the afternoon as a time to de-stress from the day.


Alicia Hammond

Assistant Coach

Alanna Morris

Assistant Coach

2019 All-League Honorees:

Boys Cross Country
First Team—Tesfa Asmara ’20
Second Team—Nick Patrick ’22
Honorable Mention—Andrew Busse ’22, Shion Kato ’21, Peter Wood ’22

Girls Cross Country
First Team—Anna DiSorbo ’22, Meena Baher ’22
Second Team—Kendall Thorne ’23, Lylie Bechtel ’23
Honorable Mention—Talia Tom ’23, Kennedy Simpson ’22, Ella Gardner ’22

2019 All-CIF:

First Team—Anna DiSorbo ’22

All-Time Boys Course Records

H. Hagenbuch 15:19 League 2001
K. Van Schendel 16:08 San Marcos 2015
A. Robins 16:46 League 2013
Q. Reynolds 16:52 League 2003
J. Martinez 17:03 League 2007
A. Sinclair 17:14 League 2012
R. Cunningham 17:15 Thacher 1992
N. Bern 17:18 League 2006
I. Suzuki 17:27 League 2006
S. McAvoy 17:27 Viewpoint 2010
B. Satoris 17:29 Thacher 1993
P. Nagano 17:33 League 1997
R. Imada 17:44 San Marcos 2014
J. Mougin 17:55 Bishop 2005
G. Acheampong 18:01 Frontier 2011
J. Pruitt 18:07 San Marcos 2015
C. Mittendorf 18:20 Thacher 1996
A. Maldonado 18:21 Midland/LBS 1996
D. Kim 18:21 Thacher 1995
J. Park 18:22 Viewpoint 2010
R. Hash 18:22 Bishop 2002
T. Mack 18:24 Santa Paula 1998
D. Ell 18:27 Viewpoint 2014
H. Walsh 18:35 Viewpoint 2016
E. Abbott 18:37 Thacher 1993


All-Time Course Records Girls

S. Carradine 20:02 Viewpoint 2002
C. Tuck 20:06 League 2003
C. Cutter 20:15 Bishop 2005
C. Monke 20:19 League 2012
M. Walsh 20:26 League 2009
A. Ryu 20:48 Bishop 2005
I. Montes de Oca 20:51 Condor/San Marcos 2016
Z. Hale 20:57 Condor/SanMarcos 2016
A. Walsh 20:58 Viewpoint 2010
L. Halle 21:04 League 2001
J. Heckmann 21:05 Viewpoint 2002
D. Tietjen 21:14 Viewpoint 2010
S. Ryu 21:15 League 2007
M. Sutton 21:18 Midland/LBS 1996
A. Hollister 21:20 League 2002
L. Berolzheimer 21:21 Thacher 1992
K. Tanner 21:32 League 2003
M. Stebbins 21:43 Thacher 1999
T. Abbott 21:44 Carp 1990
B. Hillyer 21:44 Viewpoint 2016
H. Boyd 21:48 Bishop 2000
L. Salter 21:49 Thacher 1993
C. Lindsley 21:50 Carp 1990
S. Lee 21:52 League 2006
C. Zak 21:54 League 2007
L. Greynald 21:56 League 2003
S. Shideler 21:58 Viewpoint 1991
J. Amador 22:01 Dunn/Thacher 1995
R. Wang 22:01 League 2012
K. Groetzinger 22:12 Viewpoint 2010
C. Carlson 22:16 League 2000
J. Haight 22:17 Viewpoint 2010
V. Cruz 22:23 League 2003
J.J. Ryu 22:30 Viewpoint 2002
M. Cholmondeley 22:31 Midland/LBS 1996
L. Greenwald 22:34 League 2009
I. Stevens 22:36 Dunn/Thacher 1994
S. Elzas 22:36 Thacher 1995


Henry Hagenbuch 2001 CIF Division 5 Individual Champion

Day Date Opponent Location Time Results
Thu1-Jan12:00 AM -
Day Date Opponent Location Time Results
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