19 countries under one roof.

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Curious about boarding school? You’ve come to the right mesa.

Our quality of life and West Coast spirit make Cate unlike any other educational experience, providing you with the opportunity to thrive and grow. Removing the separation of living and learning affords you more freedom and independence, which helps you figure out the best way to budget your time and studies — something that many Cate alums say helped prepare their transition into college.

Your dorm is your home, and privacy is respected. Unwind, study, catch up with friends, and watch a movie, all from a gorgeous vantage point on campus. Get together with friends from around the world, just down the hall.

Each dorm has assigned senior prefects who report to faculty and serve as leaders, liaisons, and role models. Faculty and their families also live on campus, which helps strengthen the bonds and trust in our community.

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