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Day Students

While you will meet friends from all over the world at Cate, about 20% of your classmates live near the Mesa, arriving each morning and departing at the end of the day, usually in the evening. Day students, as they’re called, have a hub in the Day Room, but they spend lots of time in the dorms with friends and participate fully in life and learning at Cate.

They will often “buddy up” with boarders so they can spend the night or just have a home base when they are on campus.

Day Student Schedule


My dad drops me off below the chapel and I drop my bag off in the Day Room


Head to the dining hall to grab some toast and an apple before class


Humanities double block with Mr. Barry, where we talk about the Crusades and go over our class projects


Time for assembly– one of my favorite parts of the day. Three prefects run the show and there are always funny skits, important announcements, and birthdays to celebrate!


Chorale starts with Ms. Block in the Chapel. I love singing together with my classmates. Chorale meets twice during the week during the day and once at night. The chapel is beautiful all lit up when it’s dark!


Foundation Arts in the Artloft with Mr. Swain. We are practicing three point perspective and using color theory to complete our project


It’s finally time for lunch! There is always a lot to choose from, but I usually like to make a sandwich and a salad. I find my friends at our regular table and we chat about the fall theater production that we are working on


I’m taking Integrated Problem Solving for math, which is mostly algebra with some geometry. We are learning about mathematical modeling today


I head around the corner for Physics class. Mr. Bouma has an experiment set up for us and we have to record the data and apply it to our homework for tonight


With some time before sports I visit my friend Serena in the Cook House East


Serena and I chose dance for our winter sport so we head to the theatre to rehearse our upcoming performance


I grab my things from the Day Room and then shower in Cook House East


I meet up with some friends on Senior Lawn. It’s a usual meeting spot on the center of campus where there’s always a frisbee, hacky sack, or just lounging on the grass


Head to the library to grab a couple books for my Humanities project


My friends are at the dining hall, but since dinner is more communal we usually sit with a new group every night


Lots of day students study in the dorms, but I like studying in the library


I go to Schoolhouse 1 for some help with math. Every night math proctors, who are usually seniors can help with math questions


My dad picks me up once I collected all my things and we head home for the night