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Library Programs

The library is a place of limitless possibility; the library is a resource for inquiry in any discipline.

We ask a great deal of our students and teachers at Cate, and in the library, we hope to give them much in return by way of access to resources, skills, information, and programs. We open our doors and offer ourselves as guides to the known, the unknown, and the serendipitous.

Sample List of Programs We Sponsor

The aim of Research Skills is to teach students to teach themselves.

We hope to prepare students to do meaningful research for their classes at Cate, as well as to give them a sense of the research expectations of college students. In the course, students will work on a year-long research project with a topic of their choosing.

Over the year, students will learn how to use valuable print resources in the library; how to correctly cite sources using MLA, APA, and Turabian guidelines and how to create lists of works cited; students will discuss issues of academic honesty and plagiarism, as well as the ethical use of the Internet; students will become familiar with the online resources available at Cate, and will become more effective searchers using appropriate keywords and other strategies; students will effectively use the Internet to find more authoritative Web sites for their research projects; and they will try out the Interlibrary Loan process, which makes available to them an entire world of information.

The aim of the Student Librarians is to encourage the student community to appreciate the gifts of a literate society.

They are integral members of the library staff. They are a select group who give of their time to supervise evening study hours in the library. These students maintain quiet in the library and help their peers locate resources.

They also help the librarians shelve materials, recommend new items for our collection, and assist the librarians with various jobs (doing shelf-prep of new materials, shelving materials, checking in books and movies, hanging regular exhibits, participating in withdrawal procedures, etc.).

The Student Book Club meets in the Johnson Library twice a month on S week Wednesdays during meeting block.

Students always choose the readings: fiction or non-fiction, whatever their preference. At our meetings, students lead discussions about the readings, and they make recommendations and choose the next book.

They are always lively meetings!

The Community Book Club is open to faculty, staff, and spouses in the Cate community.

The monthly meetings are held in members’ homes on a rotating basis. This group loves to to come together to find good literature, to share favorite passages, and to enjoy the camaraderie of reading.

Cate’s Early Learning Center is invited to the library for stories with the Library Director.