Gifts of Stock

Gifts of Stock

Making a gift of stock allows you, the donor, to take the full market value of the securities as a charitable deduction. You are likely NOT liable for the capital gains tax, nor is Cate, as Cate is a non-profit and does not pay capital gains tax.  When making a gift of securities to Cate, make sure you give the stock, NOT the proceeds from the sale. In most circumstances, your broker can facilitate the gift, and transfer it electronically by contacting Laura Jespersen in the Advancement Office at or (805) 684-4127 ext. 215, for all the information necessary to complete the transfer of stock to Cate and so your gift can be accurately acknowledged. Be sure to include date of gift, name of stock, and number of shares.

Cate School Stock Broker:

Jeff Moorhouse

P.O. Box 122

Carpinteria, CA 93014

Toll free: (888) 880-6822
Direct line: (805) 684-2245
FAX: (805) 684-2248
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