Servons.  The motto of the Cate School community, this notion of service is woven into every aspect of life on and off the Mesa. From its founding, Cate has been led by a volunteer Board of Trustees and served in numerous ways by alumni, parents, and friends of the School. Those who volunteer to better the education and experience of our students, faculty and staff do so out of a shared love for the School.

Cate Fund

Invite others to join you in supporting the School by making friendly phone calls and sending encouraging emails. Help your class reach new heights in participation. Become a Cate Fund volunteer and raise vital funds for Cate’s annual operating budget.

Cate Parent Organization

The mission of the Cate Parents Organization (CPO) is to allow parents and guardians, near and far, to be involved in the lives of Cate students. Cate parents work with administrators to plan and implement activities and events that enhance the quality of life at Cate for students and faculty. For more information and to get involved, please contact 2020-2021 CPO President Angela Mabon.

Host a Regional Reception

The Advancement Office is always grateful for opportunities to gather Cate friends together – in the comfort of a home, restaurant or other venue – in locations in and outside of the U.S.

For More Information Contact:

To join in Cate Fund volunteer opportunities please contact Associate Director of Advancement, Katie Convoy (805) 684-4127 x 266

To volunteer to host a Regional Reception please contact Director of Special Gifts and Events, Sarah Preston (805) 684-4127 x 286

To join the Cate Parent Organization please contact Angela Mabon.