Lauren Jared

History, Humanities, English
805-684-4127 x284
BA, Scripps College
MA, University of California, Santa Barbara

After graduating from Scripps with a major in history, Lauren received her master's degree in history from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Though she did not complete her dissertation, Lauren gained an extensive background in the Middle Ages while finishing her course work and exams towards a PhD.

As a teaching assistant, she also taught undergraduate courses at UCSB before arriving at Cate in 1991. Here at Cate, she has taught in both the history and English departments.

Currently, she typically teaches US History Hand Freshman Humanities, a team-taught, inquiry-based course designed to give students an interdisciplinary understanding of Western European culture. In October 2015, to honor Lauren's teaching and leadership in the history department, she was awarded the endowed O. Curtis Crawford Chair.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, swimming, and playing piano. She lives off campus with her husband, Todd. Lauren and Todd have two children who are Cate graduates, Alissa '12 and James '15.