Kara Oopik

805-684-4127 x213
BA, University of North Carolina – Wilmington

A proud graduate of the Class of 2010, and winner of the Outdoors award her senior year, Kara joined the Cate community from North Carolina. After receiving a dual Bachelor degree in Political Science and International studies concentrating on Environment, she began her work at Cate on the Advancement Team in 2014. Enjoying the connections made with alumni, Kara then continued along her professional path by joining the Admission Team. Today, excited by the opportunity to bring her passion and experience to her role as Special Events Coordinator, Kara can be found at the Folger Center, planning the next Cate event.

In her spare time, Kara continues to explore the wilderness of Southern California—either rock climbing or scavenging for seashells on the local Carpinteria beaches.