Joy Doyle

Arts, Administration
805-684-4127 x114
Originally from Delaware, Joy moved to California in 2015 to join Cate's Visual Arts Department. After graduating from Kenyon College in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in studio art, Joy worked for a graphic design company where she developed skills as a designer and an understanding of how a small business operates. In 2012 she moved to Chicago to assume the responsibilities of a cross-divisional art teacher during a brief leave at Francis Parker School. She remained at Parker following her stint in the art department and began working as an assistant in a fifth grade contained classroom. Her experience teaching fifth grade provided insight into teaching as an art in itself, and she was able to integrate various visual assignments into writing, math, and history lessons, helping students draw connections and understand various subjects through an artist's lens.

Joy graduated from St. Andrew's School in Delaware in 2006 where she boarded for four years. She is familiar with dorm life and lives in Schoolhouse.