Embark on the path to the Mesa


Choosing a high school is a big decision. It isn’t easy, but we are thrilled you’re considering spending four years with us. Do you always have more questions for your teachers? Do you want to go to school with classmates from around the world? Do you like making things happen at your school? If so, we may be a perfect match. We are always seeking new students to join our community—independent, adventurous minds who will take advantage of our inquiry-based curriculum and picturesque mesa location by the shore.

With over 54% of students of color, Cate is committed to maintaining a diverse community where every student can thrive. We strive to enroll exceptional students who have different perspectives, interests, and backgrounds.

Tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year is $65,500 for boarders and $51,675 for day students. We recognize tuition may be a challenge for some families and each year Cate offers $4,250,000 in need-based financial aid to 28% of the student body.