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A Letter from Head of School Alexandra Lockett

Dear Cate Community,

I can’t begin to express how honored, humbled, and excited I am to become Cate’s eighth Head of School.

Shaped by an upbringing that valued the importance of curiosity, diverse perspectives, and intellectual vitality, I have always found a sense of purpose and belonging in schools. When I visited the Mesa, I immediately felt an affinity with faculty, staff, and students alike, who wholeheartedly relayed their love of the school by sharing favorite places, memories, and learning moments. Everyone has a story about how Cate has changed their lives, and I feel fortunate to be at the beginning of my own Cate story.

Leading a school is not a solo endeavor. Successfully embracing “the spirit of this place” means engaging community members near and far to share their stories, their views, and their wishes for how they hope the school will evolve while staying true to its roots. As I assume leadership of Cate, I am committed to listening deeply, learning at every turn, and finding opportunities to engage with all of you. In doing so, we will find the best way forward, together.

In my first few months of learning about Cate, I was inspired by its unique vision of what a transformative and caring educational experience can and should be. Cate believes in the power of human connection as the foundation for learning and growth, that a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives are essential for a thriving community, and that learning is fueled by inquiry and exploration.

These defining characteristics align with my own deeply held beliefs about what makes a remarkable school and confirm for me that Cate is the school that I want to devote my life to serving and the place I want to make home for my family. I look forward to building upon and leveraging these strengths as we work together to shepherd Cate into this next chapter of its distinguished history.

While the future holds many questions for us all, I am reassured in knowing that together with my husband, Paul, and our two boys, Henry and Walker, we are joining a community of thinkers, leaders, and learners who will also be our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. I can’t think of a more meaningful place to build a home.

I look forward to connecting with you all in 2023 and beyond.


Alexandra Lockett
Head of School

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