CSI Testimonials


From students and parents

“My kids have had such an amazing time at camp learning new things and forming friendship with people from all over the world. Thee best camp ever and we can’t wait for next year already!” – Parent to a CSI student, 2019

Our daughter’s CSI experience was priceless. We signed her up for the first session and her immediate question to us when we came to pick her up upon the session’s conclusion was ” can I stay for the second session please?”, She cannot wait to sign up for next summer and hopefully reconnect with all her new friends and make some more new friends from different parts of the world. The staff and counselors were awesome and my very picky eater said the food was great too. Thank you for the opportunity and for a wonderful summer experience.” – Parent to a CSI student, 2019

Leaving my 12 year old for a week was scary for Mom! However, as soon as we drove onto the beautiful campus we were immediately greeted by the sweetest camp counselor named Liz. I sensed a peace and an organized calmness about CATE. Every counselor could not have been more kind and helpful. It was easy to wave goodbye as I knew she would be well taken care of. On pickup day, she begged to stay one more week! I heard stories about her friends from China, Mexico, El Salvador, and Kazakhstan! She is already talking about next year! Thank you CATE and all the counselors and instructors for providing the most stimulating, thought provoking, and giggly exciting camp ever! (my daughter and I both appreciated the “no cell phone” policy. She expressed how nice it was not to be tied to her cell).” – Parent to a CSI student, 2019

This year my second child is attending the program. He is only halfway through, but the only time I spoke to him he sounded absolutely happy. My daughter, who attended the program two years ago, returned a different person, more self-sufficient and confident. I was afraid that with no-phone policy I will be worried about him all this time. But photographers are doing great job, I can see photos and videos of my happy and always smiling son every day.Thank you to Jessica and all the staff for the fantastic time the kids are having! My son already asked me if he can come back next year :)” – Parent to a CSI student, 2019

Every time we talked with our son and asked how things were going, the main word we heard was, ‘Awesome! Everything at Cate is awesome!'” -Ali Ziesler, CSI parent 2019

This summer was our daughter’s second time attending CSI. She loved all her classes and outdoor activities. We are so grateful to the staff, especially the counselors. They are so kind and attentive. She has so many compliments for her counselors. The counselors are current and former Cate students. This attribute sets CSI from other summer programs. The counselors are like older, caring siblings. They are mentors to the campers—leading activities and providing support. Summer camp is a must for all children. We are very happy with CSI, and we will send our son next summer to experience being part of the Cate family.” – Parent to a CSI student, 2019

“CSI was a summer camp where I got to have so much fun and also learned many things. The campus was beautiful, the classes were informative, and teachers, staffs and counselors were the best. Also, I was able to meet great friends from all over the world. Most of all, the outdoor activities allowed me to see the nature of Cate. The ocean was close to the campus so we went kayaking, surfing and stand up paddling. It was the best summer camp that I have ever experienced.” – CSI Student, 2018

“I loved CSI, it was amazing! I met so many great people and made great connections. It was so interactive and fun. I would go back every year if I could!” – CSI student, 2018

“Both of my kids loved CSI! It was their first sleepover camp and, while they were nervous and uneasy about being away from home, the staff at Cate made them feel welcomed which allowed them to enjoy camp to the fullest. Great staff, facility, and program. Two thumbs up!” – Parent to a CSI student, 2018

“Spending the first two weeks of summer vacation at Cate was a wonderful experience for my daughter. She’s always been an adventurous and friendly child. CSI gave her challenges that helped her grow. She loved her classes and friends. The classes are taught by current faculty, and there are several dozen counselors. They provided a nurturing learning environment. The outdoors program has plenty of daily adventures–we loved hearing about kayaking, mountain biking, and surfing. The evening activities were fun and engaging as well. Thank you for a producing such a warm and fun-filled summer camp. She will treasure this experience–she has made so many new friends.” – Parent to a CSI student, 2018

“Ever since the Cate summer camp ended, I’ve been recalling; friends I made at CSI, silly moments outside the High House dorm, the intriguing Cate classes I miss, and imagining about how much fun it would be to stay at Cate for several months. When I remember my 2017 summer highlights, I ponder the many experiences that happened at Cate.” – Michael, CSI student, 2017

“Jasmine could not stop talking of all the fun she had at Cate!!  Your campus is nothing short of breathtaking!!   She had an incredible experience and we could not be more thankful for you guys.  We sincerely appreciate all you’ve done to help with getting her this once in a lifetime opportunity.” – Parent to a CSI student, 2017

“I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for providing such a wonderful week of learning and fun for the kids at CSI. Elsie has been talking nonstop about what a great week she had and about all of the nice kids she met. Thank you again!  We are very grateful!  Hope you have a lovely rest of your summer!” – Parent to a CSI student, 2017

“From working with Photoshop to going paddleboarding with dolphins, Cate Summer Institute is an experience that I will never forget. One of the main things that I gained from CSI was meeting kids from many different backgrounds and cultures. The proctors were also great. Most of them were recent graduates who take pride in being a Cate Ram. They gave me insight about Cate and I felt like I really got to know the school. The teachers were very involved with the kids and I felt I was able to form a personal relationship with them; I even got to play basketball with the Dean of Students. The program in general was always action-packed with fun. We got to work with advanced technology such as 3D-Printers and Photoshop as well as going mountain biking and surfing. The variety of options we got to try made CSI a great experience.” – Max, CSI student, 2016

“I love CSI! I enjoyed Quidditch and Harry Potter. I loved Harry Potter because I learned more in depth about the books. I also met people from all over the world!” – Owen, CSI student, 2016

“Cate Summer Institute was an amazing experience for our son. We dropped off a 13-year-old who was a little nervous and anxious about not knowing anyone, and being away from home for a week. We picked up a thirteen-year-old boy who couldn’t wait to tell us all about camp, give us a tour of campus and introduce us to his new friends. It was a transformative experience for him and we are so grateful to Hallie and everyone who made it such a success!” – Parent to a CSI student, 2016

“Cate Summer Institute was more than I imagined. The staff and classes were awesome. I am so glad CSI was recommended to me and I would recommend this camp for others as well. I love how close you get with everyone and experience the life of a Cate student for a while. This is one camp I will not forget! Go Rams!” – CSI student, 2016

“Amazing experience! Orion met kids from all over the world. Thoughtful, exciting itinerary that took him out of his comfort zone in a good way. His younger brothers can’t wait until they are old enough. Thank you!” – Parent to a CSI student, 2016

“At Cate Summer Institute, I had the opportunity to meet kids like me from all over the world who are interested in the same things that I am interested in. In Leadership class, we worked together to accomplish the assignments that were given to us. Working together was hard because we had to listen to everyone’s opinion. But in the end, it was worth it.” – Gabriela, CSI student, 2015

“The Cate summer institute was a learning experience unlike any other. It was not only stimulating academically, but also physically and culturally, as we explored outdoor adventures with our new friends from around the world.” – Emily, CSI student, 2015

“It’s hard to explain… I felt the amount of kids was perfect! It was done so well and I felt safe and everyone was SO nice. I knew I was safe and could trust everyone and I was able to explore the campus. They made it so fun to learn and I loved my RAs- Charlotte and Spencer!! The teachers were so fun to learn from and made my experience great! Then going in the ocean and being surrounded by a dolphin pod while paddle boarding is something I’ll never forget! It was amazing and I want to go back!!” – Sydney, CSI student, 2015