Booth Commons Rises

Booth Dining Commons and Student Center

Cate School’s new Dining Commons and Student Center, Booth Commons, named in appreciation for the generous support of the Otis Booth Foundation, is designed to meet the needs of our School’s second century. The promise of the original Raymond Commons will be carried forward by a structure that will better enable the common experience which is quintessentially Cate. Honoring the vision of founder Curtis Cate, this nearly 26,000 square foot building will embrace the union of indoor and outdoor spaces while facilitating community gathering. Serving as the central hub of campus life, the new Booth Commons will offer a place not only to dine in comfort and warmth, but to linger in conversation, recharge for the day, and connect with others who call Cate home.

If you have questions or would like to give in support of the endowment or a capital project, please contact Lindsay Newlove.

As with all of our new building projects, Cate will strive for the highest levels of environmental building practices. We are particularly excited about a water and condensate capture project that will generate up to 300,000 gallons of water a year, fully irrigating the Kirby Quad.