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Every one of us learns differently.

Intuitively, we all know that, but lots of recent research backs that up. And while every student at Cate is a high-performing learner, we recognize that some students need support while others simply need to identify how they learn so we can help them use their own style best.

Our classes are small so teachers are very in tune with how you each learn. And learning at Cate doesn’t end when class is over. Teachers are always available for questions, consultations, and for extra help. It’s completely normal for you to schedule an appointment with a teacher in the evening to go over some homework or a tough concept.

If you struggle in a particular area, your teacher may refer you to one of our learning specialists. Maybe you need help with time management, or some organizational skills, or identifying a better way to study. Our learning specialists are trained to identify issues and help solve them.

And because we are a tight-knit community, students often help other students to learn more and better. Group projects mean that classmates learn from each while they work together to solve problems and complete an assignment. And you have the opportunity to attend evening study sessions with other student proctors who can help you sort through a calculus problem, or a French grammar question, or lend a hand with a particularly challenging writing assignment.