Convocation | Advanced Chemistry Hard Rock

The Advanced Chemistry Hard Rock Convocation opened with a bang! And whiz-pop bubbling! And flame!

In a one-of-a-kind event, students from Cece’s advanced chemistry class shared exciting chemical reactions with their peers, with their moves choreographed to a changing line-up of student musicians. Carson Williams made fire accompanied by Pierce Thompson on the piano, and Carol Cai and Peter Bulkley Armas shook it up while Yuki Kobayashi played a melody to Theo Hansen’s bass line. Sarah Dike as a witch made an appearance, as did Abnner Olivares in a Kermit mask as the background music crooned “Songs about Rainbows.” Harry Potter showed up as well, with Theo Mack in full Hogwarts’ regalia as Cate’s chamber musicians played his theme song. There were 12 exciting scenes in all. The final number involved flaming tiki torches, popping balloons, and glow sticks, followed by all the chemists and all the musicians on stage for a much-deserved bow.

Dana and Celia prepare a chemical reaction choreographed to music played by students and community members during the Chemistry Convocation.