Welcome to Advanced Seminar in History: Lincoln and the Civil War

Advanced Seminar in History: Lincoln and the Civil War – Teachers:

Juarez Newsome

History, Director of Student Activities
BA, Washington and Lee University
Appointed: 1997

Juarez teaches several upper-level history courses (United States History, America in the 60s, and African American History); he also serves as director of student activities and as dorm head in the High House residence hall. His recent professional activities include a 2003 presentation to the Organization of American Historians (“A Jim Crow Nation Fights for Democracy: a Comparison between the Nation’s Widely-Circulated Newspapers and the Black Press”); he has also received several NEH fellowships for summer study of the African American experience in US history.

A member of his collegiate football team, Juarez coached varsity boys’ basketball at Cate for a number of years, and now coaches football with Ben Soto at Cate.

Ben Williams

BA, Williams College
MA, Brown University
Appointed: 1998

In September 1997, the board of trustees chose Benjamin Williams IV as Cate’s eighth headmaster. The selection turned out to be a perfect fit for the Cate community as well as for the Williams family. Ben Williams’ life has centered around schools; he grew up at Lawrence Academy in Groton, Massachusetts, the son of the headmaster.

Ben received a BA in American Studies from Williams College, where he also served as captain of the men’s crew team.

After a two-year stint in corporate finance with First Boston in New York, assisting in the oversight of investment portfolios worth over 28 billion dollars, Ben returned to education with a teaching position at St. Sebastian’s School in Massachusetts. There he taught English and US history, coached several sports, and was the school’s director of development.

During his six-year stay at St. Sebastian’s, Ben attended graduate school at Brown University and earned a Master’s in American Civilization. In 1993, he and his family (wife Ginger, children Ben and Grace) moved to Houston, Texas, when he took a job as the dean of the middle and upper schools at St. John’s School. He eventually became the head of the upper school, and during this time he stayed connected with the students in both the classroom and on the athletic fields by teaching English and coaching soccer.

Ben and Ginger are the parents of three children, Ben, Grace ’10, and Carson. They live on the Mesa.