With Cate’s motto of servons, let us serve, it is not surprising that Cate’s extended community has a long history of both service and philanthropy. As our School enters its 101st year, alumni, parents and other friends stand committed in their support of the ideals of founder Curtis Wolsey Cate as reflected in the School’s mission statement. 
Through commitment, scholarship, companionship, and service, each member of the Cate community contributes to what our founder called: the spirit of this place…all compounded of beauty and virtue, quiet study, vigorous play, and hard work.
Cate’s mission statement not only speaks to the power and purpose of a Cate education, but also points to the contribution that each student makes in on the Mesa and in the world beyond. To that end, we invite you to partner with other alumni, families, and friends in building upon our firmly established tradition of Servons, the motto that has guided Cate School for nearly a century. With your gift, you will be joining others who are making a difference in the lives of all those who live, study, work, play, dream, and design on the Mesa. Thank you.
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