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Cate alumni are some of the most loyal alumni in the country.  Depending on who you talk to on the Mesa, some might argue we have THE most loyal group of graduates around.  You show your support in many ways.  You attend events, advocate for our Admission Office when speaking with prospective families, support fellow alumni with professional networking and you give back to the School - your time, your talent, and yes, your dollars.

Last year, in fact, 45% of our alumni made a gift to Cate - one of the highest percentages of any independent school in the country.  Along the way, our alumni contributed $738,893 to the Cate Fund in support of faculty salaries, scholarship, student life, and other important operating expenses.

The overall fundraising goal for the 2013-14 Cate Fund is to raise $1,840,000.
The Alumni Leadership Council has issued two challenges to Cate alumni to ensure we reach this goal:

  1. receive generous gifts from our alumni totalling at least $750,000
  2. reach at least 50% participation

Sustain - Pronunciation: sə-ˈstân, Function: transitive verb, from Latin sustinçre - to support, to keep, to provide, to uphold... Thank you - your donations to Cate School supports people and programs on the Mesa. Every gift counts!!!