Lauren Lokre

As a tour guide I hope to share with prospective students and families what drew me to Cate, and also hear what appealed to them about the school. Cate attracts such a diverse group of people and I love finding out what brings them to the Mesa. When I arrived at Cate I instantly felt at ease; the approachability and kindness of everyone was unparalleled. I am a sophomore and am from Santa Barbara, and both of my brothers went to Cate, so growing up I always heard about it; once I visited Cate for the first time I could instantly see why they loved it so much. What makes the Cate community so unique is the people and how teachers and students from all over the world come together and share this incredible experience. I could not imagine spending these four years anywhere else. I feel so lucky and proud to be part of Cate and can’t wait to give others a glimpse of this amazing place.