Noah Somaratne

I wanted to become a Cate your guide because I really want to make a connection with possible future students, and offer some of the knowledge I have acquired about the school. Something surprising about Cate that you may not know is that they make new students feel at home very quickly and easily. I thought for sure that I was going to regret boarding here, and that I was going to miss my family. While I still missed my family, I was not homesick at all, in fact I was so involved in activities that I had to remind myself to call my parents! Something that I love about Cate students is that you can walk up to anyone and carry out a detailed and very friendly conversation. You can literally walk up to a complete stranger, and walk away as friends. When I'm not in the classroom, I can be found on the basketball courts. There is always a group of guys playing pickup and everyone is welcome! This past summer I traveled the world, including trips to Greece, Israel, and Mexico. I also participated in a tennis camp back in North Carolina. It was a pretty busy summer.