Tilly Bates

Throughout my entire life I’ve been the “new kid” at school. My parents were always moving around and I often had to switch schools in the middle of the year. I was originally born in Melbourne, Australia, but I moved to America when I was four. I lived in Denver, Colorado for three years and then in Boston, Massachusetts for another five. We moved again to Newport Beach, California for two years and then on to Menlo Park, California. Three weeks later, I attended Cate. I knew from the start that Cate was the school for me. It fit me perfectly and provided me with stability and a home. I realized how much I loved and wanted to go to Cate with the help of my tour guide. She showed and told me everything I could possibly need to know to make the right decision. I want to have the opportunity to help others in this way. To be able show them all the incredible aspects of Cate and ultimately help guide them in deciding which school is the best school for them.