Nate Wilson

The thing I love the most about Cate students is that not only do they come from all over but each student has an interesting story about how they came to the Mesa and they also have big dreams following graduation senior year. This past summer I was lucky to participate in the Telluride Association Sophomore Seminar summer program at Indiana University and studied the portrayal of African-Americans in film and how Hollywood deals with stereotypes of gender and sexuality. A book that changed me was titled White Like Me by Tim Wise. It is a novel about the life of the author and how he sees institutionalized racism in America and how it has affected his life. My favorite teacher has to be Mr.Wood. He might come off as strict (and he is but you didn't hear it from me!) but he's a great enthusiast of world languages and an amazing Japanese teacher. My most memorable classroom moment at Cate was in Bonning's physics class freshman year when we were learning about heat. I was unfortunately sitting in the front row when he used my notes on his class that day and burned it in front of me. I still look back to that class and laugh. My first impression of Cate when I came on the Mesa was "it is definitely more beautiful than the brochure would have you believe."