Celia Foster

The very first time I stepped foot on the Mesa, I knew Cate was the place for me. Every person that passed by me introduced themselves with a big smile and made me feel welcome. After only several hours, Cate already felt like home. The small class sizes make classroom discussions very intimate and it makes it easy for everyone to share their point of view. With students from all over the world, things are brought up in discussion that would not be brought up without the wide variety of perspectives. The faculty at Cate do far more than teach classes in their classrooms. They coach sports teams, come and support games, they meet after dinner for extra help, and they laugh and share stories with you. Here at Cate anything is possible. Some of the amazing opportunities I have experienced so far range from scuba diving at the Channel Islands to Friday night basketball tournaments with students and faculty. Here at Cate I love hopping in the pool after classes for a water polo game with my teammates or a refreshing swim workout with my friends. One of my favorite things to do before class on Saturday is to get up early and surf. Without Cate I would not be the person I am today. I have friends from all over the world, and I have a new perspective on life. I wanted to be a tour guide because I wanted the opportunity to share this special place with as many people as possible. Here on the mesa life could not be better!