Teddy Wecker

My name is Teddy Wecker, and this is my Junior year at Cate. Though I am from Santa Barbra originally, I have lived the majority of my life in and around Chicago Illinois. Needless to say, Cate turned out to be very different from my experiences there. Here, at this school in Carpinteria, I was introduced into an entirely new world of learning, sports, and friendships. I have found myself fascinated by sciences, inspired by writing, learning to play Water Polo of all things, and meeting the best friends I suspect I will ever know. Sciences always interested me, and here I was introduced to others of the same fascination. From calculating the mass of the Sun in freshmen year to the Feynman Diagrams of the particle physics club, my thirst for knowledge has been nothing but satisfied. There is a certain beauty in knowing that a place inspiring with it's academics will also be the home of some of the most fantastic friendships and adventures of my life, weather it be waking up at six in the morning to fly remote control planes or staying up late with my friends and just talking. I am so grateful for all Cate has given to me, and I am honored to have the privilege to welcome new students into such a place as a tour guide this year.