Graeme Hugo

Growing up in a small, mountain town for most of my life, I did not have a typical teenager's experience throughout my middle and elementary school years. Even though, in Lake Tahoe, nothing was completely odd or out of the "norm", I did have to go to school half of the year with a heavy coat on and 6 feet of snow at my doorstep, as well as an overwhelming urge to ski! Before I came to Cate, this was regular life. Now at a boarding school in Southern California, so much has changed. I am now well versed with Cate ways, and so happy to be a school Tour Guide.

I wanted to become a Tour Guide so that I could share my Cate experience with others...I can't be the only one having a great time at such a magnificent place! This and the fact that I love talking with other people, is the driving reason of why I am a Tour Guide today.

For many reasons, Cate has so much to offer and is such an amazing place for all of its students. My favorite teacher, Bryan Rodriguez, for example, helped me as soon as I got to Cate (taking me to the Hospital for a rare water polo concussion). Mr. Rodriguez made me welcomed at Cate, and was so nice to a "tiny Freshman" like me. Also, Cate offers to its students (in addition to its wonderful teachers) a strong sense of community, lasting friends, opportunities to do unimaginable things, a fantastic education, and of course, tons of fun. These reasons made me come to Cate, even before I knew all of them. 

With the fantastic English program at Cate, it is actually hard to not read and love books! With this being said, I have read many books at Cate, all of them engaging and interesting. However, I must admit that my favorite book (as well as the one that changed me as a person) is not one that I read at Cate. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee truly made me rethink what I have in my life what others may not, and how I should really appreciate it...Not only at my home in Tahoe, but also here at Cate. As my past English teacher has said, "To Kill a Mockingbird represents altruism at its finest."