Emma Liberman

When I first visited the Mesa for my initial tour and interview, I was unsure about whether Cate was the place for me. Was I ready to leave home? Were the people going to be nice? Would the classes be too hard? However, the second my mom closed the doors of her car and we began the drive down heartbreak hill, I knew I would belong. I had met so many amazing individuals, yet they were all so different. I knew that if so many great people went to school together in the same place, I wanted in! When the opportunity came to be able to share the Cate I love with others, I instantly wanted to become a tour guide. I wish that everyone in high school could have the Cate moments I have had. From Outings Week campfires to blasting music in a Cate Yukon to getting extra math help from Ms. Wyatt down the hall, the Cate experience is an amazing one.