Elliott Rosenthal

I came to Cate as a new sophomore last year. Coming from Timor-Leste and having spent most of my life moving frequently from city to city in Asia, being new wasn't new to me. Still, being one of only a few non-returning sophomores and only having been to the school for a revisit day mostly attended by freshmen, I wasn't sure how things would turn out. However, the community and spirit I found at Cate, in the dorm, on the field, and in the classroom made my transition as enjoyable as possible, and I never looked back. The structure at Cate encourages balance between academics, the arts, athletics, and service, and in just one year here the school has enabled me to immerse myself in all of these things. I chose to become a tour guide because I want to impart both this friendliness and opportunity that that Cate has given me onto new students.