Edward Zhu

I love Cate for the people. Here you have the unique opportunity of living and working with a myriad of personas and characters. The faculty and students here are inspiring, hardworking, funny, weird, talented and determined. It is a great place to be if you want to soak up the enthusiasm that teachers bring to class and the work ethic modeled by students. The people truly embody what Mr. Cate called the “spirit of this place…all compounded of beauty and virtue, quiet study, vigorous play and hard work.” That's what makes Cate really special.

I became a tour guide because I enjoy talking about Cate. I relish the opportunity to help others learn about this great school. I always look forward to tour guiding as it brightens my day and provides an escape from the busy Cate schedule. It also allows me to meet new people who offer an outside perspective, giving me a greater appreciation for my Cate experience.