Daniel Rodriguez

I wanted to become a Tour Guide because I enjoy meeting new people. I find it interesting to learn where people come from and I want to show visitors the joy I feel as a Cate student. My favorite teacher is Dr. Kellogg because he was really energetic in my freshman physics class and I always have intriguing conversations with him. His love for his field made physics more enjoyable and it was contagious as I found myself having fun during labs. When I first arrived at the Mesa, I was just awe struck at the natural beauty of the campus. I was also hit by how friendly everyone seemed as I was unpacking in my new home. The aspect I love the most about the Cate students is the diversity. No two students are alike. Everyone has a different background and it makes coming to Cate that much more exciting. This past summer I worked at McDonald's and played a lot of soccer. My experience at McDonald's was amazing and I enjoyed the life experience.