Ben Jessup

I am a sophomore boarding student at Cate from Santa Ynez, California. After seeing basically all of my cousins go threw Cate, I grew up always wanting to go there. I became a tour guide so I could have a chance to meet all the new freshman before they start there busy freshman year. I just moved back to Santa Ynez, California after living in Santa Barbara about forty five minutes south of Santa Ynez. I wanted to come to Cate not only because they have my favorite sport, Lacrosse which I start on varsity, but Cate also has a very welcoming community of people. I was able to make friends right away with all of the other grades. Outside of school you can either find me in the water surfing at the local break, Rincon or on the field training for my next lacrosse competition. Bedsides surfing and lacrosse I am a varsity player on our soccer team and I also play on our water polo team.